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4.2 Objective 1: To achieve and sustain Public Sector wage bill at an affordable level

The Public Finance Management Act (2012) introduced one statutory measure to control wage bill growth by stipulating that public expenditure budgets will limit expenditure on the wage bill to a maximum of 30% of the total budget.

a) The National Treasury and the SRC will collaborate to ensure that budgets on remuneration and benefits awards by Public Sector organisations (PSOs) will over the medium term target to achieve wage bill to gross domestic revenue ratio of not more than 35%.

b) There will be no awards of remuneration and benefits, or any collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or offer or variation of terms of employment, that will give rise to an increase in the Public Sector wage bill without the written authority of both The National Treasury and the SRC.

c) SRC shall undertake a remuneration review every four years.

d) Public Sector organisation shall maintain an efficient and clean payroll system that is linked to IPPD.

e) Public Sector organisation to rationalise their functions and to maintain optimal staffing levels.

f) SRC will prioritise review of remuneration and benefits for those cadres or occupations most affected by disparities in fairness and equity across the Public Sector.

g) Review of remuneration and benefits will not be considered for the Public Sector organisations deemed not to comply with measures outlined above.


– The unions led by the Kenya National Union of Nurses General Secretary Mr. Seth Panyako accused the SRC of unconstitutionally interfering and usurping the mandate of employers and unions. The unions informed the SRC to stick to its mandate as stipulated in the Constitution of Kenya Article 230 (4)which states inter alia:-

(4) The powers and functions of the Salaries and Remuneration
Commission shall be toa��
(a) set and regularly review the remuneration and benefits of
all State officers; and
(b) advise the national and county governments on the
remuneration and benefits of all other public officers.

After length presentations all the unions led by Central Organization of Trade Union COTU-K unanimously invalidated the draft policy and called for the disbandment of SRC.
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