Kenya National Union of Nurses

Reprieve for Busia County Nurses

Busia County Public Service Board have continuously engaged nurses on renewable contracts since 2018. Theses nurses are entitled to engagement on permanenet and pensionabel terms as they have been performing functions which are permanent in nature. Our Legal Representative Mr. Odongo Odongo Okatch made an application that was heard on priority basis and orders granted as follows:

1. That an order is hereby issued directing the Respondent to regularise the salaries and allowances of nurses to be in tandem with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission guidelines in respect of individual academic qualifications pending the hearing of the main suit.

2. That, an order be and is hereby issued restraining the Respondent from any act of victimization including termination of existing contracts and dismissing the nurses on account of this suit pending hearing of the main suit.

3. That, this application and main suit is hereby merged and proceed by way of documentation as provided for under Rule 21 of the Employment & Labour Relations Court Procedure Rule,2016.

4. That , the Respondent to file a response to the main suit within 21 days and the Claimant to file a reply thereof within 14 days of Service.

5. That , directions be given thereafter upon closure pleadings.

Order issued at Kisumu Employment &Labour Relations Court by Hon. Justice Mathews N. Nduma on 18th June 2020.